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How to keep your Moving Costs Down

Q: Can I keep cost down by helping with the move?
A: Many people ask friends and family to help with the move. This is fine in most situations such as packing and unpacking, but on moving day it's best to let the professionals you hired do the job. If any items are damaged, it's hard to determine valuation.

Q: Should I tip my movers?
A: As in any other service industry, you may wish to thank your moving crew by offering gratuity. There is no set amount for this, but we can suggest you tip based on the satisfaction with your crew; with the general guideline or $4-6 per man per hour. If you feel the crew went above and beyond, you may certainly increase the amount accordingly.

Q: Can I ride on the truck on moving day?
A: We cannot allow transport of customers for liability reasons.

Q: I have a limited budget, what should I do?
A: You will want to have the movers carry the heaviest items.

Q: Do I need to empty my drawers?
A: ALL drawers need to be emptied in wood cabinets. Small 2 drawer metal file cabinets can be left full; four drawer metal file cabinets need top two drawers emptied. Lateral file cabinets need to be completely emptied.

Q: How can I prepare my appliances?
A: The moving crew will wrap these items in moving pads to protect them on the truck. To prepare items such as your dishwasher and washing machine, make sure there emptied and dried. In addition, the movers are not plumbers or electricians – you are responsible to have your refrigerator, washer and chandeliers disconnected. Please Note: The movers are not licensed to disconnect any water or gas hook-ups.

Q: Can the moving company dispose of excess trash?
A: Yes, but there is a charge for items taken to the waste disposal location, including the labor and time involved in driving to and from the location as well as a fee imposed by the management of the waste disposal location.

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